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Quilting is more than holding the three layers of cloth together. Quilts, whether pieced or appliqué should be treasured for years to come.

This website is designed for you to explore my House of Creations which is filled with quilts that I have made and often designed, books on how to create these quilts yourself as well as tips, tricks and links to other interesting quilting web sites.  You're always welcome in my House of Creations.

What's New?

Last month we introduced Potholders and this month we have coasters that complement them.  We now have a limited quantity of coasters as well as the potholders available for sale right now which are perfect for a gift or for your home.  They are 5" X 5" and are machine embroidered.  The material used is 100% cotton front and back.  They come in sets of two and are available for $6.00 per set plus shipping.  Now you can get a set of either coasters or potholders or get a set of both

Brown                                 Grey
castersbrown  costersgrey


We still have a limited quantity of potholders available for sale right now which are perfect for a gift or for your home.  They are 7" X 7" and are machine embroidered and hand bound.  The material used is 100% cotton front and back with repurposed sweatshirt fleece used for padding  They come in sets of two and are available for $8.00 per set plus shipping.

Set 1                                                Set 2

set 1 picture      set 2 picture

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Oops !!

We try very hard not to make mistakes, but every once in a while, one will slip through!

If you did the 2017 BOM or saved all the directions to to it later, we just had it pointed out to us that there was an error in the Final Quilt Assembly Instructions.  It describes how to add triangles to the quilt blocks so that the actual squares are set at an angle, like a diamond.  It says to trim the final blocks to 9" X 9", whereas they should actually be trimmed to 9 1/2 " X 9 1/2".  Click on this link to bring up the corrected assembly instructions, so that you can print out the corrected version and substitute it for the version in your saved file of quilt instructions.

We are very sorry for this error and we will get back to trying hard to prevent errors in the first place!

Custom Quilting

A quilt can provide a beautiful lasting reminder of those special moments in your life.  Curl under it to warm your body and soul, or hang it proudly on the wall to bring joy to your heart throughout the day.  Helping customers to create these meaningful keepsakes has been my privilege for many years.  My knowledge, expertise and experience can help you build your quilt right from the concept up, or I can help you finish off what you have already started.  Just explain what you want and I can make it happen. Finishing off these individualized keepsakes has been my joy for many years.  Why not let me show you what I can do for you?