A little bit about Katie Friesen

Katie Friesen

I am Katie Friesen and my business’ name is House of Creation.  I live nestled in the Pembina Valley, in rural Manitoba, Canada.

I have been quilting for 22 years and have grown to love appliqué.

Not having quilting around me as I was growing up, I bought my first quilting book when I was 18 years old and made up pieced projects from fabrics that I got a hold of.

After helping my husband with farming and raising 3 children, the fabric and needle lured me to start making quilts. I joined the Barnswallow Quilting Guild and learnt mostly by watching and asking questions. Most credit goes to my friends in the quilting group where together we have shared, laughed and stitched away the world’s problems.

After making many quilts from magazine patterns and taking all the classes that were available, I make quilts now from drawing my own patterns to challenge my creativity knowing that what I can draw… I can appliqué. Most of my designs have a tradition flavor with a new twist.

I believe that no other labor on earth can be compared to a hand crafted quilt.

My appliqué is done with precise needle turn hand appliqué. The joy comes with the feel of fingers holding a needle and being the master to fabric to make beautiful wall and bed quilts.

Although my appliqué is done by hand, the quilting is done by machine now After 20 years of hand quilting, going to the machine seemed to be the next step.

It is my desired to promote quilting to everyone that has a keenest to learn and to develop the artist that is in every human soul. There is always a reason to make up a quilt. During any part of one’s life, there are occasions to make a special gift to warm the body of a baby to adult.

"That you also aspire to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you."

1 Thessalonians 4;11