Books and Patterns written by Katie Friesen

jacob     Jacob's Birds                     squares

Jacob's birds - The beautiful floral prints of designer Phillip Jacobs was my inspiration for 'Jacob's Birds' and going with the flow of curves, a drunkard path block was used in the sashing. The seemingly modern applique quilt is easy to create using the applique metho
d of your choice. I used the 'freezer paper on top' needle turn method.  Birds like Dynasty Dana , King Jac, Sassy Squawker, Pixie Chicks, Fiesta Fellows, Majestic Birds, Whirly Bird and Parade of Queens are the ones gracefully featured in this quilt.  The quilt pattern is actual size so there is no need to enlarge the pattern or tape pages together.

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This pattern as well as a fabric kit can also be purchased from the Quilter's Den in Morden Manitoba, Canada.


Tulip Nouveau     Pretty Little Quilt BOM

The Pretty Little Quilt BOM was designed by Katie Friesen and was offered as a Block of the Month (BOM) in 2017.  Now this quilt pattern is available for purchase.  When you purchase this pattern, you will be given unlimited access to a special area of our website for the period of about a month.  There you can download all the patterns and instructions you need for making this quilt.

Price of access to patterns: $29.00 Canadian funds.       Place Order

Expressions of Morris     Expression of Morris

Description of the book: The Expression of Morris book has complete instructions for a timeless 90” x90”  appliqué quilt. The quilt of reflects the art and philosophy of William Morris, a late 1800’s figure in the Arts and Crafts Movement of the Middle Ages. It is an invitation to quilters to take time to stitch slowly and carefully, and take the time to develop the stitching skills and sense of colour as you work with rich warm tone fabrics. The motifs are both whimsical and realistic looking. The pattern instructions are for needle turn hand appliqué technique, but it could be done in any personal choice appliqué. My quilt is hand quilted and the hand quilting patterns are included in the book.

Book currently out of stock.

Ode to Morris   Ode to Morris

Ode to Morris. This book is a sequel of Expression of Morris. The book has complete instructions for a 84” x84” quilt. The instructions for the appliqué blocks are given for the Template Free Applique, [ see below for the complete step by step guide to easy and precise hand appliqué book available]. Although, any method of appliqué can be adapted for this patterns.The appliqué patterns are full size and the hand quilted design is also included.

Book currently out of stock.

tulips Nouveau   Tulips Nouveau

 The harmonious, elegant look of Tulips Nouveau is created with only a few fabrics. This makes the appliqué process quite simple. I have suggested colour placement on the appliqué patterns but I hope you will use the three shades of flower fabric in ways that please you. There are 12 different tulip blocks but sixteen blocks in the quilt so there are four blocks that are repeated twice.  The patterns of tulips are actual size.

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Template Free Applique     Template Free Appliqué

Template Free Appliqué Book… a complete step-by-step guide to easy and precise hand appliqué. Template free appliqué is a method in which no paper templates are needed. The pattern is drawn onto the back of the fabric and the uncut fabric of appliqué are then basted on and then trimmed and stitched on. It is a fabulous way to appliqué and the ending result is impeccable accurate to the pattern. The book has several quilts to apply this technique too.

Price of 35 page book is $15.00 Canadian funds plus shipping       Place Order

Love Bug   Love Bug

Name of book: Love Bug. This seventeen page Love Bug book has a collection of three baby quilts made for either gender so you can make them ahead of time and be ready to welcome the new arrival. The turtle, frog and the duck come with complete patterns for appliqué, piecing and finishing the quilts.

Price of book: $12.00 Canadian Funds plus shipping.       Place Order

Floral Fantasy    Floral Fantasy

The textured flowers have found themselves in and amongst these open end hearts. The cone flower, the rose, the lily, the harebell, the dogwood, the periwinkle, the sweet pea, the pansy and the star flower applique patterns and a few Italian cording patters are  included to make a  89” x 97” quilt with two border options. Brief template free appliqué and Italian cording instructions are included. A pure delightful quilt.

Book currently out of stock.

Love Grows Here    Love Grows Here

Flowers are truly a food for the soul and they have made their way into this quilt. The appliqué and embroidery patterns included are uniquely designed flowers, some are tulip, columbine, orchid, poppy, violet, sunflower, iris, daffodil, black-eyed Susan and more. The book contains patterns for two large quilts, one lap and one project bag.  The patterns are not hard, they are perfect for the novice stitcher and a delight for the advance.

Price of book: $22.00 Canadian funds plus shipping       Place Order

Emerge    Emerge

Emerge .. This 85” x 85” quilt design was adapted from one of my daughter’s T-shirts and was drawn to the size we needed for her quilt. It is quite a stunning quilt. The complete pattern and construction in a package form is available.

Book currently out of stock.

Elevator    Elevator

A 15” x 22” picture of a Morden Mb elevator taken from the original post card. A familiar symbol of the prairies’ landscape in the past years. Many elevators  have already been taken down. The building is appliquéd and the wheat is embroidered with detailed instructions.

Pattern currently out of stock