Custom Quilting by Katie Friesen

Quilting is more than holding the three layers of cloth together. Quilting should heighten the design of the quilt whether pieced or appliquéd to a level of great admiration for years to come.  Katie would be pleased make any size quilt for you, anything from hand appliqué to machine piecing to machine quilting, according to your liking. Contact Katie for rates.

Hobbs poly, Hobbs 100% cotton and Hobbs 80/20 black batting is also available for purchase.

Long Arm Quilting by Katie Friesen

Example of Katie Friesen's hand applique


Example of Katie Friesen's custom quilting

This quilt had a nice big square that Katie has quilted with a swag feather. It almost gives a secondary design of curves in a ordinary square piecing.

This tulip block shows some loose ‘McTavish’ background filler

In this example, Katie has used lines and curves to complement each other. In this block the lines outline the simple feather that she has quilted in the centre

Katie has elegantly quilted the border of this quilt with the swirl and hook pattern

This picture shows some details quilted in a Dresdan Plate Quilt. Katie has each section of the plate quilted ¼” inside with a detailed flower around the centre. Also notice the feather wreaths in the back ground  space

This is another quilt that Katie made that has triangles set in the quilt edge.  She used curved feather quilting in the triangles. The overall quilting effect appear like curves going around the quilt which has an appealing secondary look to it.

Other Miscellaneous Examples of Custom Quilting

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