Travel Pouch

pouch front         pouch back

Supplies needed: [100% cotton]
10” x 44” black
6” x 6” red fabric for flower
2” x 2” yellow fabric for flower centre
11” x 44” green fabric for leaves, stem, lining, binding and knot covers
23” x 10” cotton batting

Cutting instructions:

From black fabric cut:
11” x 9” - front – appliqué piece
12” x 9 – back / bottom

From green fabric  cut 24” x 10” for lining

From batting cut 23” x 9”

  • Do appliqué with the technique you prefer. I have included the pattern. I used the Template Free Appliqué technique but the pattern can be adapted to any form.

  •  Sew 12”x 9” to bottom end. Press seam to one side.

  • Layer lining (right side down), batting and top (right side up)
  • Pin along the edges.
  • Quilt as desired.

Firstly, quilt 4 lines across the bottom (once along the seam line and 3 more towards the back to make the bottom).

 I did a free form feather to enhance the appliqué and a design in the back, both using variegated thread. The patterns are included. Then I finished it with a basic meander in black thread in all remaining background.

Remove pins and trim to 11” x 9”.

Fold right sides together, sew two sides together.

Sew single binding to the sides first, then to the top to finish the edging. For single binding, cut 2  -  1 ½” , do not fold in half, and sew to sewn two edges. Hand hem in place. Now, sew binding to top of bag, hand hem in place.

Casing or pocket for rope – cut  2 - 1 ½” x 8 ½”   , press ¼” under on all 4 sides. And hand sew ½” from top edge of bag, leaving sides open.

To make corners,  with the lining side of pouch facing out, fold bottom corners so the bonded side seam is on top. Sew ½” from tip. Repeat other side.

Turn pouch right side out and insert a 12” satin rope though front and back of casing, going in and out from the same side. Repeat other side, with second rope. Knot ends.

 To compete the pouch, add the finish touch  by hiding the knot. Cut a 2 ½” circle of green fabric, fold the edge in ¼” and by hand make a running stitch around the edge, insert the knot and pull the thread around the knot. Fasten to secure.

Appliqué floral pattern
Quilting pattern for the feather on the front of the pouch
Quilting pattern for the back of the pouch