Block of the Month (BOM)
You may have noticed a new menu selection BOM.  That's because we are launching our very first Block of the Month offerings from House of Creations.  We hope you are as excited about this new feature as we are about launching it.  Select BOM from our menu now to see our beautiful new  BOM quilt instructions.

Also A New Design
Jacob's Birds

A pattern for a 78" X 68" Quilt

The beautiful floral prints of designer Phillip Jacobs was my inspiration for 'Jacob's Birds' and going with the flow of curves, a drunkard path block was used in the sashing. The seemingly modern applique quilt is easy to create using the applique method of your choice. I used the 'freezer paper on top' needle turn method.  Birds like Dynasty Dana , King Jac, Sassy Squawker, Pixie Chicks, Fiesta Fellows, Majestic Birds, Whirly Bird and Parade of Queens are the ones gracefully featured in this quilt.

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Custom Quilting

A quilt can provide a beautiful lasting reminder of those special moments in your life.  Curl under it to warm your body and soul, or hang it proudly on the wall to bring joy to your heart throughout the day.  Helping customers to create these meaningful keepsakes has been my privilege for many years.  My knowledge, expertise and experience can help you build your quilt right from the concept up, or I can help you finish off what you have already started.  Just explain what you want and I can make it happen. Finishing off these individualized keepsakes has been my joy for many years.  Why not let me show you what I can do for you?

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